Glampins is now complete and our team are currently making glamping sites aware of this new exciting brand and hope many of you will start to add your businesses to Glampins in the coming weeks. We are expecting to be fully running with many glamping sites on ready for 2019.

Glampins is the new search and booking portal. As an owner of Glamping site, the ever growing and heavily invested industry, though unfortunately, there is no clear front runner in the online booking field for 'Glamping'.

It starts with a name, and with the increased and recognised term 'Pins', original used by Google to 'pin point' a location, other brands have adopted this term such as Pinterest. The location is key in selecting a holiday, short break, if it is for visiting an area, an event or gatherings, 'Glam Pins' says it all!

As we know, it's hard to sell a glamping holiday within the camping sector, as these are two totally separate clientele, These are not for the market that want to setup tents, plug electric cables in, or empty toilets! This isn't the market that want a commercial, highly polished hotel with room service, it's not those that are looking for a property, these are for people that want to 'rock up' and captivate the adventure, surroundings.

We look forward to working with you all!